Thursday, June 9, 2016

An Apolgy To All (Including Myself)

I seem to have lost a lot of momentum here. It's kind of odd because I've done so much baking over the last few months. It's almost as if I'm baking faster than I can photograph and write about it.

I need to refocus on what I'm doing, what my goals are, and how I can best convey my progress to any and all who read this. Also? I really need to dump blogger for Word Press – and that will be a project in and of itself. (Actually, I think that last thing is one of the main reasons I've been procrastinating. Well, that, plus the many tasks I've had to complete as we make this apartment our home.)

I'll figure it out and finish a couple of things I have in draft form very soon. I mean, I need to tell you about the desserts I made for Passover, my forays into puff pastry, and my latest struggles with bread baking!

Thanks for your patience and support.

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