Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Add Blueberries!

The summer pie baking continues with more than a few light bulb moments. So far it's been peach pies, peach-nectarine pies, Rainier cherry-peach pies, cherry hand pies, and apple hand pies. I've been unhappy with the full-sized pies, though, because the crust edges have been somewhat more...well done than the rest of the pie crust, despite the silicone crust protector I got to alleviate that very problem. After three pies, my lightning quick baking analytical skills ("Quick! To the Bake Computer!") immediately zeroed in on two problems: 1) I needed to roll the dough to be slightly thicker than is my standard, and 2) I needed to ditch the high-tech protector and go back to tin foil.

Please to observe the result!

Nary a burned bit to be found!
The filling was a new combination, as well: peach-blueberry! That actually came about because we had a friend of ours visiting from Seattle and she brought me a pint of blueberries from her backyard garden as a house gift. They were deliciously tart and I thought (again with the analytical skills) that they'd make a perfect counterpoint to the peaches. Turns out I was right! The above pie traveled with us over to Governor's Island for the Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Festival, where we had a lovely picnic with several friends and watched hundreds of people amble about in their best versions of 1920s style.

It didn't take too long before we broke into the pie. Look at the colors! And it tasted amazing!

Jazz Age Pie! (Photo by Michele)
And it looked and tasted amazing a day later, too!

Still colorful. Still delicious.
The next time I do a similar pie, I'll add a little more cornstarch/Sure Gel because the filling was a little sloppy for my taste on the first day. I know the combination won't be quite the same because of the quality of those amazing blueberries but I'll still give it a shot. Peach-blueberry hand pies, anyone?

Michele's Addendum begins: Michele commented below to remind me that several people passed by our little spot on the lawn, did a double-take and had to come back and ask about the pie. "You have pie!" "Where did you get that?" "You made it?" "Wow! It looks fantastic!" Nice to know that some things I do can catch the eye.

Michele's Addendum ends.

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  1. You forgot to say about all those people who stopped by our blanket & asked about the pie! You made the whole event jealous ;)

    1. So noted! Oversight corrected above, love. :)