Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ad Astra, Bratzy

Yesterday evening we had to bid our companion, Bratzy, farewell. I have never been a "pet person" so it was a complete surprise to find myself, eventually, enamored with Bratzy. She was patient in her task of teaching me how to expand my capacity to love...and the necessity of that evolution. She enriched our lives and I think we gave as good as we got from her. She and Michele chose well when they picked each other thirteen years ago (Bratzy was three) and I feel honored to have been included in her life.

Baker Interrupted
It seems a little odd to post a tribute to a cat here in a baking blog, but it's appropriate because Bratzy was hardly ever very far away from me when I was baking. She sat with me (on me) as I researched recipes, joined me when I was exhausted from pulling a couple dozen hand pies out of the oven and shared my pillow as I dreamed up new baking adventures.

Still life with lap cat and cookbook
Sail on, Bratzy. To the stars. I will miss you.

Currently listening to: Neutralize - Shining Through The Light (Feat. Emily Underhill) (Cross Them Out Remix) Because the lyrics have taken on new meaning to me.



  1. I miss her with you. No words, really ... but it always made me happy to see how much she enjoyed you, and to watch you enjoying her.

  2. What a beautifully expressed tribute to Bratzy. So sorry for your loss.