Monday, December 24, 2012

cattus rumpo baker.

Or, to loosely translated: "The cat interrupts the baker." I was deep in prepping and baking for Christmas Eve gathering of friends and Christmas Dinner with in-laws. While I was waiting for Michele to finish up something in the kitchen a cat suddenly appeared in my almost lap.

This is what I get for slowing down for even one second...
Close enough, I suppose. (And, yes, they're Grinch pants - thank you, big sister Karla!)

Speaking of laps and cats...doesn't every baker research recipes using a cat to warm up his apron?

Lectio per cattus in sinus. (Reading with cat on the lap. I know it sounds much worse in the Latin.)
That is all.

Currently listening to: Little Dragon - Twice (16 Bit Remix)



  1. Miss Brat loves you, you know. You're her favorite lap ;)

    1. Yes. That's why she's uses it for a pin cushion so often! ;)