Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Sidles Up!

Just a quick note before things get too hectic here with the "Big S" (that would be hurricane/tropical/Nor'easter/mutant storm Sandy). It's tremendously windy. We're not in an evacuation zone in our part of NYC. And I've got bread dough rising in the kitchen. I think that, plus Michele's lentil soup will see us through.

I hope everyone stays safe and sound!

See you on the other side!


I couldn't help posting a picture of the bread! This is my first attempt at this kind of loaf and I'm very happy with how it turned out! We're pairing it with the lentil soup Michele made; what a delicious meal to share during the biggest, wettest storm of the year/decade/century.

When life gives you Hurricane Sandy, bake bread!
Once again, my Good Housekeeping cookbook comes in handy. This is a simple recipe (I'll probably post it later) and the technique is easy to master. I enjoyed kneading the dough a lot more than I thought I would. Talk about therapeutic! "Hmmm. Hurricane knocking on the door? I'll just smack and mush this dough around for ten minutes! Ah! I feel much better!"

This weekend (extended because we're not at work today or tomorrow) has given me time to do some major baking. Bread. Corn muffins. Cookies. And I'll probably get to the pound cake I've been trying to work on for a while now. The apartment is a little island of deliciousness! 

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